Aeromotive Becomes Official Re-seller & Joins Builder Assist Program for Vertical Power

Aeromotive Becomes Official Re-seller & Joins Builder Assist Program for Vertical Power

August 30, 2017






Introduction: Aeromotive Services accounts for the planning, implementation, layout and build of the electrical architecture.


  • Reduces the time to configure the wire harness assembly to the air frame build.
  • We provide routing to assist in locating cutouts in ribs, bulkheads, etc.
  • Our 2D renderings provide a complete list of Bill Of Materials (B.O.M.)
  • Aids in installation of avionics, instrumentation and equipment.
  • A schematic identifies circuitry and markings.Schematic can be used for ease of troubleshooting.
  • Equipment choices are easily installed and configured.
  • A “Data Package” can be provided for repair guidelines which can lead to FAA/PMA
  • Changes in avionics can be easily adjusted by using our 3D renderings to assist in layout and configurations.
  • Assistance in determining load ratings on the wire assembly.

Planning: Staying ahead in the design of the architecture reduces failure rates.

  • Assistance in determining load configuration
  • Power distribution with the use of the VP-X by Vertical Power’s Electronic Circuit Breaker System allows for ease of power distribution and control.
  • 3D panel layout provides the ability to manipulate components are panel layout.
  • Changes and updates are easily controlled.

Features: These value added items deliver dollars saved and dollars earned.

  • FAA guidelines and regulatory compliance
  • Resale value is increased with an electrical manual to support the aircraft
  • Warranty provides protection for build quality; crimp, wire, assembly and circuit orientation
  • Quality Control Standard: ISO 9001: 2015, FAA guidelines and regulations, Member of “Manufactured Again”
  • Applied rules aid in detecting poor bend radius, under-rated wire gauge, correct wire application based on location, proper circuit alignment, etc.
  • No need for un-necessary tooling
  • Terminal crimp testing to an OEM specification
  • Reduces failure rate
  • Ability to re-manufacture current wire assembly

Applications: We work within a wide variety of air frames and associated avionics packages.

  • Experimental/Homebuilder
  • Aircraft served: Aircam, Drifter, Comp Air, Cozy, Cubcrafters, Europa, Glasair, Jabiru, Kitfox, Lancair, Murphy, Mustang, RANS, Ravin, Sonex. Vans. Velocity, Zenith.