Aeromotive Services is a wire harness provider of aerospace engineering and manufacturing solutions for the aviation and aerospace industry. We specialize in designing, developing, testing, and producing high-quality components and systems for large corporations, commercial airlines, telecommunications companies, military and other government agencies consisting of various aircraft, rockets, satellites, and other aviation and aerospace applications. Our team of experienced engineers, technicians, and mechanics have the expertise and capabilities to meet the most demanding specifications and requirements of our customers. We are certified by the FAA, ISO9001, and AS9100, and we comply with all applicable regulations and safety protocols.

OEM Customizable


Sustainable Manufacturing: Aeromotive is credited with the first sustainable program to remanufacture wire assemblies in the US. The program manufactures seed for obsolete, backordered articles and sustains itself with a core return. Quality: Aeromotive continually reinvests in the AS9100 quality standard utilizing the implementation of our Management Execution System software to further control traceability, quality processes, and procedures. Electrification: We are currently working with Tier 1 manufacturers on wire harness prototypes, 1st articles, and production pieces.



336413 – Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing

336320 – Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

332618 – Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing

334419 – Other Electronic Component Manufacturing

335931 – Current-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing

335929 – Other Communication and Energy Wire Manufacturing

488190 – Other Support Activities for Air Transportation

332710 – Additive Manufacturing

Remove & Repair
Wire Harness


Collaborating with engineering to build samples, prototypes, and verify processes, BOM, and control plans for 1st articles allows companies to move forward with testing and project execution


FAA Certified Repair Station
AS9100D with Design
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Joint Certificate Program (JCP)
IPC/WHMA-A-620D-S Space & Military Applications
IPC-J-STD-001H Soldered
Electrical and Electronic Components
MERA – Association for Sustainable Manufacturing

Aeromotive Services Inc is Active in SAM “Small Business” concern.


DUNS: 7803 86046



Aeromotive has a profound understanding of standards and regulations

We understand and abide by design limits

Research – Recognize Proprietary Information

Encourage Transparency

-Developing and producing prototypes for complete guided missiles and space vehicles


Scaling new products

Net new growth


Aeromotive utilizes multiple perspectives in the organization of a project

We are continually discussing and improving products

Manufacturing and/or rebuilding electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles and internal combustion engines

Shareable and auditable data

Trustworthy data

Real-time performance

Reviews contracts regularly

Monitored supply chain

Periodically revisits terms

Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing

Aeromotive has a stronghold on our Mission, vision, values and priorities

Established goals

Inspiring and motivating people

Cultivating culture

Key Performance Indicators

Values customer service and experience

Manufacturing and/or rebuilding electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles and internal combustion engines

Aeromotive has vigorous Refurbish and Repair programs

1st nationally to establish a remanufacturing process for wire harness assemblies

Pioneering a scalable model for remanufactured wire assemblies

Continuing education for employees

Establish workplace practices to build awareness for continued sustainability

Processes developed to achieve continued improvement resources

Use technology to eliminate barriers

Working with Start-ups in the UAV/UAM marketplace to establish FBO & MRO services

Partner with regulatory agencies to ensure the safety of the general public

Lead by example

War Room planning

Accepting of feedback, actively listens to others, with a willingness to compromise

Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing

Cross Functional Teams

Understand where new skill needs are emerging

A knowledgeable approach to recruitment and training

Flexibility & Adaptability

A clear vision of the mission and implementation

Culture, differentiation, and customer commitment

Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing



FAA Repair Station (Cert #)

Specialized Services

Remanufactured Wire Harness Program

Research & Development

Faster Production

Cost-effective with continual equipment upgrades

Less waste by improving disposal processes

Improved Energy Productivity

Customization to the customer quantity requirements

Design Flexibility will target a specific application to reduce time and waste