Connector Frequently Asked Questions

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That would depend on its size and availability. For example, a headlamp connector may sell for $19.90 while a multi-cavity connector may cost $169.80.

Yes we do. We carry an extensive inventory of ready to install fuse boxes and shrouds. These ready to install items will save you time on their replacement.

Choose an industry from our main or industry pages and select connector. Complete the submission process. A representative will contact you with price and availability.

Sometimes file images are oversized or do not match our upload criteria. You can send you request directly to our Parts Department at and a representative will contact you with pricing and availability.

No, because of the vast number of connectors we have in stock and the diversity of each connector we want to make sure we send you a perfect fit. That is why we ask for photos to be sent along with your request.

Very similar to our reprocessed wire harness assemblies, we inventory about 90% of the domestic models, 85% of the Asian market and approximately 75% of the European market.

Please see our shipping page for the most up-to-date pricing.

Yes, lifetime on all connector housings. Please see our Policy page.

We strive to satisfy each customer. But, we understand mistakes happen. Click here for our return policy.

If we have the item in stock we can ship it the same day. Items not in stock typically take 2-3 days to replenish our inventory.

Wire Harness Frequently Asked Questions

Have any other questions?

Find answers to common questions about our products and services.

A wire harness is a plug-in device, most often used in the head unit of a vehicle. The assembly of wires is held together by straps, cable ties, sleeves or conduit. Because of this binding process, the wires can be better secured against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions and moisture.

The goal is 35% to 55% of the cost of a new harness. This is dependent upon the extent of the damage.

Our average turnaround time is 3 to 5 days. However, certain harnesses pose a greater level of difficulty. This is due to components that are no longer in production or perhaps on back order. Please read our Shipping & Handling page.

Yes, we warranty all re-processed wire harness assemblies 12 months/unlimited miles. Some of the areas covered under our warranty are: corrosion, circuit misalignment, pin retention and connector defects. Our lifetime warranty does not cover wire harness assemblies that are obsolete and reprocessed by Aeromotive Services Inc. Please read our Limited Warranty Policy.

We warranty all manufacturing defects. If you experience a problem please contact Aeromotive Services as soon as possible. Many of the electrical problems experienced after the installation of reprocessed wire assembly are the result of improper installation or vehicle related. A tracking number is assigned to the harness assembly after processing.

No, we handle approximately 90% of the domestic manufactures, 80% of the Asian imports and about 70% of the European models. We typically only reprocess 10 model years back from the current year.

Yes we do. They are part number specific. We specialize in Lexus, Toyota, Scion, Hyundai, and KIA, however we possess the capability to reprocess other makes and models on a case by case basis.