Custom Wiring Harness

Things change.  At Aeromotive we understand technology is constantly evolving.  When a wiring harness design changes or you need something specialized to fit in a particular space or have distinct function, our dedicated team has the know-how to design, prototype and manufacture the entire job from beginning to end.

Why choose Aeromotive?

  1. Reallocate your engineering resources to the overall design of the project
    1. Improves efficiency in engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing by ensuring reliable information
    2. Allows for better identification and assigning resources such as humans, money, materials, and time to activities.
    3. Complete projects while considering availability, skills, and interests
    4. Effective disbursement of resources helps maximize the impact of project resources while still supporting your team’s goals 
  2. Ensures that your bill of materials (BOM) is accurate and up-to-date
    1. BOM validation can help identify any issues in your BOM
    2. Identifies incorrect or incomplete information
  3. Reduces negative affect on your overall operational efficiency
    1. Validates any standardized manufacturer names and part numbers
    2. Enhances part descriptions with key attributes
    3. Identifies alternate parts for obsolete or end-of-life parts

Our process

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
    • 2D CAD & 3D CAD Plastics Design
    • 2D CAD & 3D CAD Electrical Design
    • Control Cabinet Layout
  • Prototyping
    • First Article
    • Validation (Form, Fit, and Function)
    • BOM
    • Product Sourcing Options
  • Manufacturing
    • High Mix / Low Volume 
      • Lot sizes range between 1-5000 units
      • Circuit complexity from a single wire up to 1000 circuits
    • Custom cable assemblies
    • Electronic Integrations
    • Warranty
    • Automated Processes

Contact Us for Custom Wiring Harness Work


As a reminder, this form should be used for customers who are interested in a “New” or “Build to Print” wire assembly.

For a “1-Off” please go to your industry tab; Automotive, Commercial or Av/Aerospace and click on “Harness Quote.”